Anything with Animals.

We all need the unconditional love of a puppy, or the complete indifference of a cat.


Preferred Providers

🐶 Lincoln Park Zoo

📍Lincoln Park

⚡Lincoln Park Zoo hosts fun and engaging events like breakfast with animals, food truck and craft beer socials, wine tastings, and animal art specials.

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🐮The CatCade

📍 Lake View

⚡The Catcade is a non-profit, arcade-themed cat rescue, and lounge. We simulate a home environment where instead of being in cages, the cats get to interact with friendly humans in a free-roam living room atmosphere. As a guest you can come and hang out with our cats in the lounge. You can bring your laptop to do a little work on our free wifi, sign up for our cat yoga sessions, or just sit around with a cat on your lap and play free-play arcade games

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🐱Animal Quest

📍 Your location

⚡Exotic animal shows and mini petting zoos brought to you! Get in touch with Animal Quest to arrange an on-site visit from a variety of animals- pythons, mini pigs, bunnies, you name it.

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📍 Anywhere

⚡Don’t see what you’re looking for, or have something specific in mind? Get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to find something that fits your needs.

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