Have terrible handwriting? This probably won't be easy for you.


Preferred Providers

🖋️Calligraphy for Beginners with John-Michael Korpal

📍 West Ridge

⚡ This class provides a birds eye view into the world of Calligraphy, its history and the resources for you to continue perfecting your new skill. Learning the Chancery script will provide a great foundation and will help you if you choose to explore additional scripts.

🎟Check out the class 👉 here.

🖋️ Calligraphy and Cocktails, Samantha Meyer Studio

📍 West Town

⚡Calligraphy and Cocktails is a calligraphy workshop for beginners at Rhine Hall Distillery! You pick out your favorite cocktail (it’s included in the ticket price!), and then you'll learn everything you need to know to get started with pointed-pen calligraphy in just two hours. They keep classes small so that each participant can get as much personalized attention as they would like.

🎟Learn more and sign up 👉 here.

🖋️ Chicago Calligraphy Collective

📍 Mayfair

⚡The Chicago Calligraphy Collective fosters education and exposure to calligraphy in all its various forms and related arts.

🎟Check out the upcoming workshops 👉 here.

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