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Preferred Providers

🏋️ Lincoln Park Crossfit

📍Lincoln Park

⚡Get your blood pumping with a motivating challenging workout. Reach your A-game potential as their certified CrossFit coaches push you to new heights. Lincoln Park Crossfit will track your personal workout analytics, provide nutrition education, and expose you to a network of new friends that will hold you accountable to achieve your workout goals!

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🏋️Atlas Crossfit

📍 River West

⚡Atlas performance specializes in a 6 week transformation program. Some people choose to focus on endurance and only do their performance classes, while others want to build strength and improve WOD times by focusing on CrossFit. For 6 weeks every challenger is encouraged to attend at least 4 classes per week. During this program, you'll receive detailed nutritional guidelines and individual meal plans. To measure your changes in performance- you will complete a custom programmed workout at the beginning of the challenge and again at the end. This will show you how much stronger and faster you have gotten! Sign up with your team today!

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🏋️ Division St Crossfit

📍Ukranian Village

⚡Division St. CrossFit offers group-based classes throughout the day. There is one WOD (“workout of the day”) per day, which every class performs. Classes generally begin with a warm-up to prepare you for that day’s workout followed by a combination of strength work or skill practice and a conditioning workout.

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