Learn how to throw clay, spin the wheel, and create relics that will be considered masterpieces in a thousand years.


Preferred Providers

🏺 Creative Clay Things

📍 West Town

⚡ For over 35 years Creative Claythings has been the most affordable and fun ceramics teaching studio in Chicago. They offer effective teaching practices that guarantee you to have at least 6 successful pieces that you can be proud to show off! Note: The beginners course is two evenings a week for 8 weeks, and intermediate/advanced courses are one evening per week for 4 weeks.

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🏺 Penguin Foot Pottery

📍 Logan Square

⚡ Penguin Foot Pottery is a ceramics studio in Logan Square offering classes and workshops to all skill levels. Whether you're new to ceramics or it's been a lifelong passion, they love to help in the pursuit of clay. They even offer a BYOB workshop on Fridays and Saturdays that gives you an opportunity to try the potter's wheel with provided instruction and a laid back environment. It's a great one time class for a team!

🎟Check out their classes 👉 here.

🎟BYOB Wheel Throwing👉 here.

🏺 Park West Ceramics

📍 Lincoln Park

⚡ Like the area it’s nestled in, our studio is an intimate space with friendly and inviting people. You’ll find a wide variety of skills, from complete beginners to ceramic sellers. If you’re looking for a space where everyone knows you by name, then this is the place for you.

🎟Check out their classes 👉 here.

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📍 Anywhere

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