Public Speaking.

Big presentation coming up? Want to feel more comfortable in front of a big group?


Preferred Providers

🎤 General Assembly

📍River North

⚡Kick off 2019 with a hands-on improv workshop that will take you through a series of fun exercises and discussions designed to hone your skills in creativity, communication and entrepreneurship. Led by facilitators from Chicago’s Team Us Comedy, the workshop will help you explore the principles of improvisation in a comfortable setting so you can keep laughing and saying yes to new ideas and experiences all year long. This is a one time event on Tuesday, March 12th 6pm-7:30pm CDT.

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🎤 Train Up

📍West Loop

⚡ Like many businesspeople, you may suffer from pre-presentation butterflies … have trouble organizing your thoughts … or get so tongue-tied the words just won’t come. If you’re the type of speaker who occasionally “ums” and “ahs” your way through a presentation, this workshop is just what you need to boost your confidence and credibility. You’ll learn powerful skills and solid strategies to survive presentations without much preparation time … respond smoothly when asked to make a few impromptu remarks … and never skip a beat when your audience starts drilling you with tough questions.

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🎤 Discovery Center: Public Speaking Class

📍Irving Park

⚡Are you afraid to speak in public? You're not alone. Don't let public speaking be an obstacle in your personal life or professional career. You will learn techniques to increase your speaking confidence whether in the workplace or in social situations. In this class you will learn how to: overcome your communication obstacles, confidently communicate your message to any audience, effectively organize and write a prepared speech, interactive impromptu speech exercises, and strategies to reduce feelings of nervousness.

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📍 Anywhere

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