Self Defense and Martial Arts.

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Preferred Providers

🥋Thousand Waves Martial Arts and Defense Center

📍 Lake View

⚡Thousand Wave's empowerment-based approach gives people tools to feel safe, strong, and respected at home, in the workplace, and at school. Their trainings are unique in their equal emphasis on prevention of violence and dealing with physical violence when prevention doesn’t work.

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🥋 Krav Maga Force

📍 West Loop

⚡Krav Maga Force offers the highest caliber krav maga and fitness training available. The program is run by experienced, certified and dedicated instructors and their classes will get you in great shape while you learn authentic Israeli self defense. The corporate workshops will also provide co-workers and business associates with a unique team building experience, while helping participants to lose weight, increase stamina and energy, develop a more acute sense of awareness, and increase concentration.

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🥋 Matt Johnson Ving Tsun/ Chicago

📍 Pilsen

⚡Ving Tsun is a comprehensive system of Kung Fu which can help keep you safe.

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