Spin class is the only place where sitting on your butt is the healthy option.


Preferred Providers

🚲Cycle Bar

📍Fulton Market

⚡Cycle Bar offers classic rides, themed rides, and even private team rides. Word on the street is they have the best music!

🎟️Check out the class schedule 👉 here.

🚲 Studio Three

📍River North, Lincoln Park

⚡Studio Three encompasses three unique, elite fitness studios under the same roof: Interval, Cycle, and Yoga. All three disciplines are versatile and can be tailored to the fitness level of any individual. Studio Three is the first of its kind boutique fitness mecca that takes these top-notch disciplines and combines them so you can have one membership and a common community.

🎟️Check out the class schedule 👉 here.

🚲 Flywheel Sports

📍River North, Old Town

⚡ Challenging, interval-based rides meet personal performance tracking to help you set goals and reach them.

🎟️Learn more about the class offerings 👉 here.

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