Support Animal Rights.

Help the little critters who literally don't have a voice.


Preferred Providers

🐶PAWs Chicago

📍Ranch Triangle

⚡By joining PAWS Chicago’s team of dedicated volunteers, you’ll build strong relationships with other like-minded volunteers, the animal-loving community, and of course, the animals themselves. Working together, you will build a No Kill community where all healthy and treatable pets are saved.

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🐶 The Anti-Cruelty Society

📍 River North

⚡The Anti-Cruelty Society offers a variety of ways people can engage in a community of caring. From hands-on programs where you work directly with the animals, to group volunteer events, fostering, pet visitation, and more, if you love animals there are several ways you can help.

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🐶 Chicago Canine Rescue

📍 Forest Glen

⚡Stop by Chicago Canine Rescue with some teammates and take the dogs out for a walk!

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📍 Anywhere

⚡Don’t see what you’re looking for, or have something specific in mind? Get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to find something that fits your needs.

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