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LA Beach Volleyball

๐Ÿ“Marina Del Ray

LABV plays every Saturday (year-round). Their secret (Marina Del Rey-ish) location has free parking, many nets, good music, and nice bathrooms close by. They get approximately 50 to 100 people on any given weekend, so you can play volleyball at skill levels ranging from beginner 4s to advanced 2s.

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Best Volleyball Beaches in LA

๐Ÿ“ All over

Prefer not to join a league and instead organize a game yourself? This is a collection of the best volleyball beaches in Southern California.

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California Beach Volleyball Association


The CBVA is synonymous with beach volleyball and has been developing and promoting the sport at the grass-roots level for over 50 years. Many of the game's greats have come up through the ranks of their rating system. Their season runs Spring to early Fall. They pride themselves in providing a training ground for every age group and all levels of play. Their Youth and Adult schedules are unparalleled feeder programs into the international arena!

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