Learn how to create vases, glasses, and those trinkets that look great on shelves. Best part? Odds are no one knows what they're doing, so you'll all struggle together!

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John Mooney Glass


John has been blowing glass, full-time, for 30+ years and has learned a few tricks of the trade. He's eager to pass them on to whoever is interested. Like many trades, there is always something new to learn and figure out.

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KT Glassworks

πŸ“ West Adams

Come and take their one-day introduction to glassblowing workshop to learn the fundamental skills necessary to shape and blow molten glass!

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Los Angeles Glassblowing

πŸ“ Inglewood

Learn beginner glassblowing, from studio safety to gathering glass on a gathering iron and blowpipe to how to start a bubble and apply color. Make paperweights, ornaments, and small vessels such as cups and varying forms.

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