Not just for comedians. Laugh with (and at) your colleagues as you learn how to cogently think on your feet.

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Improv LA


The workshop is designed to make the performer feel confident onstage and off. Founded by veteran improviser and actor, Keith Saltojanes, has taken the concepts of all of his experience and training in both improvisation and acting and streamlined it into a workshop that can be the most beneficial and affordable for everyone.

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The Groundlings

πŸ“ West Hollywood

For over 40 years, The Groundlings School has been one of the leading improv training programs in the country, offering structured improvisation classes taught by teachers trained in the Groundlings program.

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Second City


Students work on building ensemble, object work, and the essence of a good improvisational scene. Using games, exercises, and other play, students explore relationships, character motivation, and heightening techniques to create compelling scenes and characters purely out of improv.

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Pitch Polish

πŸ“In-office, DTLA, Santa Monica

Speaking in front of others does not need to terrify nor bore you. You might just need some top technique, specialized practice, industry trade secrets, and sincere and comfortable encouragement and assurance. My goal is to make people look better and feel better in the spotlight; more confident, polished, and enjoying every moment. Take a look around and see if I can help you with personalized and private coaching, fun interactive group classes, or corporate team trainings and events.

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