Leadership Development

These classes, workshops, and seminars help your leaders or soon-to-be-leaders bring a culture of growth and performance to your organization.

Each person, team, and company has different development needs. Hooky is dedicated to helping you find and plan the experience that's a perfect fit. Get in touch by clicking "Concierge" below, and we'll consult on the best path forward.

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Arin Reeves


Effectively creating and leading diverse teams is the key competitive difference in today’s business environment. Arin gets you and your leaders up to speed with inclusion-focused programming.

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USC Marshall School of Business


Discover your personal leadership style and make a significant impact on those around you. You will learn how to keep your employees motivated, how best to communicate, influence and persuade, how to build an adaptive team and organization, and how to avoid decision traps that occur when fundamental shifts are unfolding in your organization.

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Leigha May


One of the most talented coaches in LA, Leigha offers small group coaching and seminars.

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General Assembly

📍DTLA, Santa Monica

Courses include Team Leadership Strategies and Career Collaboration.

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Train Up


Train Up offers many management and leadership focused courses.

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