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Unplug Meditation

📍Santa Monica, WeHo

Conquer your mind and transform your life. Meditation (and more) made easy, effective and inspirational with daily live and online classes.

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The DEN Meditation

📍 Miracle Mile, Studio City

The DEN knows that starting a meditation practice can be intimidating, and living in fast-paced Los Angeles makes it even harder. But finding the time to meditate regularly isn’t as difficult as you might think, and they make it as easy as possible.

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Cultivate LA


Meditation teaches us more than the art of simply being. It provides tools to help us cultivate the qualities we’d all like more of: peace, mindfulness, compassion, creativity, focus, love, deep rest, and much more. Meditation is a practice that helps us turn inward to rediscover our innate capacity for these natural abilities and can provide tools to develop them further. CULTIVATE builds its varied offerings of drop-in, guided meditations based on these principles.

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