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Molten Metal Works


Molten Metal Works provides welding instruction and metal shop access to the community of Los Angeles. We do not certify welders or teach how to weld I-beams. Instead, they focus on what most people need: how to fix a fence, build their own furniture, and how to make sculpture, chandeliers, or custom motorcycle parts. They've got 4,000 square feet full of tools, the expertise to match, and a lot more patience than your seventh grade shop teacher.

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Precious Metal Arts

๐Ÿ“ Santa Monica

PMA offers jewelry classes and workshops covering all fundamental aspects of jewelry design and creation, and provide customized continuing education through our unique small group tutoring.

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Adam's Forge


Adam's Forge is breathing life into an ancient craft. Adam's Forge is creating a thriving blacksmithing community through classes and events that inspire and support aspiring artists, trades people, and community. A cooperative of artist blacksmiths sharing knowledge, a place to work, tools, equipment and camaraderie.

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