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Janine Burke

๐Ÿ“Beverly Hills

The pounding heart, sweating palms, blank mind โ€“ we all know the fear of public speaking. However, there is a definite process to make all those butterflies fly in formation. Public Speaking is a skill, it is not a magic gift given to some, and it can be learned.

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The Leaders Institute


After training thousands of class members, The Leaders Institute instructors have discovered a few simple truths about stage fright that, once you understand them, can help you be confident in front of a crowd.

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Pitch Polish

๐Ÿ“In-Office, DTLA, Santa Monica

Speaking in front of others does not need to terrify nor bore you. You might just need some top technique, specialized practice, industry trade secrets, and sincere and comfortable encouragement and assurance. My goal is to make people look better and feel better in the spotlight; more confident, polished, and enjoying every moment. Take a look around and see if I can help you with personalized and private coaching, fun interactive group classes, or corporate team trainings and events.

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