Cocktail Making.

Learn to make cocktails that The Dude would be proud of.

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SF Mixology


Learn the basics of bartending, master the art of shaking and stirring, taste what a balanced cocktail should be, and brush up on the skills you need for some serious fun!

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The Cocktail Camp

πŸ“ Bay Area

Learn the art of bartending (don't you dare call it "Mixology"). Experimenting and sharing recipes is a great way to establish relationships within your group. The Cocktail Camp can host your dream event at one of their top-notch partner bars, or deliver the experience to you at your site of choice.

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The Beverage Academy

πŸ“ Tenderloin

The Beverage Academy consists of a series of interactive classes that instructs anyone of legal age on the world of fine distilled spirits as well as the intricate details and techniques of competently mixing cocktails with these spirits. Though the classes are created for anyone's enhancement of their spirits and cocktail knowledge, many professional bartenders and food & beverage industry people have reported the classes to be very rewarding (and a lot of fun!).

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Sharp Shooter

πŸ“ Bay Area

With a client roster of the best tech companies in the Bay Area, these folks know how to throw an office cocktail party. But they take the craft seriously, too.

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