Coffee & Tea Tasting

For those who want to be able to tell a Kenyan blend from an Ethopian blend by smell...or just McDonald's from Blue Bottle.

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Blue Bottle Coffee

πŸ“Oakland, Financial District

This staple of the Third Wave coffee movement also offers brewing classes in their Financial District and Oakland locations!

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Ritual Roasters

πŸ“ Mission, Haight, Bayview, Castro, Hayes Valley

Ritual Roasters offers a steady flow of public tasting and cupping events. You can also have a barista come to your workplace to serve up some of the best, freshest coffee the Bay has to offer.

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Counter Culture

πŸ“ Emeryville

The premier coffee experiences in the Bay Area. Visit their "training center" which offers tons of events and doubles as a venue for training elite baristas.

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The Crown

πŸ“ Oakland

The Crown is brand new and really, really cool. If you get to go, we'll be jealous. They refer to themselves as an open-source coffee education center, laboratory, event space, and tasting room.

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