Conflict Resolution

Every workplace experiences friction or conflict. Learn how to navigate and resolve these scenarios and tackle the uncomfortable silences skillfully.

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Conflict is a stubborn and often difficult fact of life. This is especially true in the workplace where we navigate difficult conversations on a regular basis. Instead of avoiding or mismanaging conflict, we should set it to work for us. This workshop is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills to constructively manage conflict and collect tools that turn conflict into connection.

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JD Communication Strategies


This training is critical for any business person who works cross-functionally, is involved in meetings with varying seniority or technical levels, interacts with teams dealing with difficult issues, or wants to enhance their ability to engage skillfully.

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Gold Jam Creative


Workplace conflict and tension are inevitable. However, unresolved conflict can affect decision-making, productivity, and motivation. In this experiential workshop, participants will gain the confidence and tools to have productive confrontations. They will learn how to hold colleagues accountable for poor actions, resolve issues, and ultimately strengthen relationships.

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Oak and Reeds

πŸ“ On-Site

Have a specific challenge you or your team is working on? Oak and Reed's founder Dave Collins will design a custom curriculum to help you work through anything!

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