Is the daily grind making you neglect your body? Get back into a healthy rhythm with a high intensity workout.

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San Francisco Crossfit


San Francisco CrossFit was the first CrossFit gym in San Francisco, and the 21st CrossFit gym worldwide (there are now more than 15K). They have exceptionally trained and experienced staff who can help you get fit for life in a safe and supportive environment. With four Physical Therapist coaches on staff you know that you are in good hands.

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United Barbell


100% women-owned, United Barbell is one of the most experienced & respected CrossFit affiliate in SOMA, and the second longest running CrossFit in all of San Francisco. On the first Friday of every month, every class is free!

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Crossfit Golden Gate

๐Ÿ“Russian Hill

CrossFit Golden Gate offers group and private fitness classes in the heart of San Francisco. Their focus is an elite strength and conditioning program for people of all fitness levels and is scalable and perfect for anyone regardless of age, ability, and experience.

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Crossfit Oakland

๐Ÿ“Oakland, Emeryville

With two locations, this is your premier destination for Easy Bay crossfit. Hooky will set up a group class or fitness challenge for you!

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