Effective Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work. Be the best you can be as complex individuals creating an work ecosystem.

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πŸ“Live Online, On-Site

Covering everything from Feedback Skills, to Effective 1-1s, to Mastering Meeting, to Personality & Workstyles. LifeLabs is a leader in soft skill education that Hooky loves to work with.

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Nerd Improv

πŸ“ On-Site

Connection, collaboration, and learning through laughter and thinking on your feet. Nerd Improv offers 1-3 hour workshops on-site at your company that are truly fun (trust us, we use them at Hooky!).

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Oak and Reeds


Peer coaching is a time-tested tool that is used to develop deeper bonds with colleagues and analyze professional challenges. In this "Intro to Peer Coaching" workshop, participants have the opportunity to begin their own peer-coaching relationships and practice the skills necessary to make peer-feedback successful.

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Want a custom workshop? Need to make sense of your complex culture and complex cast of characters? We've worked with these facilitators to create incredible courses that CEOs demand everyone participate in. They does custom courses only, so work with the concierge to set this up!

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