Inclusion and Anti-Bias

Build a stronger, more inclusive organization, and spot and combat bias. This is a development opportunity every company should have.

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H.A.B.I.T. Advisors


H.A.B.I.T. offers customized training that will help companies move towards a more respectful, fair and equal workplace for everyone. Opening the door to these difficult discussions through training can alleviate some of the stigma and allow companies to begin to eliminate certain harmful behaviors and policies.

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πŸ“ Live Online, On-Site

Understand the psychology of unconscious bias, uncover your own biases, and develop behaviors of inclusion that improve the way you communicate, collaborate, and advocate for yourself and others.

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Gold Jam Creative


In this workshop we will remove the stigma around bias so you can open up the conversation. In this experiential, discussion-driven workshop, participants deepen their ability to rewire biases and create strategies for increasing inclusion at work.

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