Leadership Development

These classes, workshops, and seminars help your leaders bring a culture of growth and performance to your organization.

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Be Plucky


At Plucky, they believe that employees are continuous learners. Plucky offers coaching for leadership teams, on site workshops, consulting, and custom projects and assessments.

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Peter Khoury

πŸ“ Flexible

Peter Khoury is a Certified Professional Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, trainer, and a strategic executive coach. He helps clients with management leadership, self-empowerment, and strategic skills to achieve their goals.

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Wellspace SF


Wellspace SF provides a variety of services, from holistic wellness counseling to leadership and impact coaching. Their leadership coaching can help you more effectively leverage your personal leadership style, enhance your organizational capacity, and executive presence.

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Oak and Reeds


Great leaders know that their success is largely dependent on empowering and supporting those they lead. Through improv, we teach how leaders can embrace the tools of improvisational collaboration to empower their teams to co-create solutions to the toughest challenges.

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JD Communication Strategies


In this interactive workshop, participants will review the key challenges faced when a person moves into a leadership position. It's a practical overview of the core knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to become effective supervisors and managers. Learn how to gain the support of others using trust, credibility and ethical behavior.

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Gold Jam Creative


Women in Leadership: Female employees are faced with myriad challenges in the workplace, which often hold them back from reaching higher leadership levels within their organizations. While we wait for the rest of society to catch up, female employees can use our women in leadership training to make strides for themselves. In this experiential workshop, participants will develop the communication techniques necessary to navigate professional environments assertively, speaking up for themselves and uplifting fellow female colleagues.

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