Negotiation and Persuasion

Want to be more effective at getting things done internally? At selling your product? Being a better communicator and listener? These strategies simply help you win.

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General Assembly

๐Ÿ“Financial District

Become a master of negotiation - learn how to identify negotiation opportunities, prepare for the situation, and achieve your desired results. This workshop will be a thorough overview of the theory and tactics of negotiations. Students will receive instruction, engage in mock negotiations, and receive direct feedback.

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Sue Steinfeld

๐Ÿ“ On-Site, Live Online

Negotiation is not only the "big ticket items" we usually think of. It's about negotiating one's time, a promotion, and being compensated for extra work. In this workshop you will discuss how to ask for what you need and want. Learn new strategies to effectively work with your leader including conversations about your career trajectory.

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๐Ÿ“Live Online, On-Site

Learn to overcome psychological barriers to successful negotiation and walk away with the skills to reach win-win outcomes in everyday work scenarios.

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