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1AM stands for 1st Amendment. 1AM hosts exciting, hands-on, private team building activities immersing you in the graffiti, street art, and hip hop culture.

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Paint & Sip

๐Ÿ“ Oakland

This class series is offered by Wine & Design, and is about as tailormade for a work group as you could ask for. Create memories and masterpieces, or, you know, something that will be mistaken for your 3rd grader's work.

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Art School of San Francisco Bay

๐Ÿ“Richmond District

Art School of San Francisco Bay offers a 12 class package focused on the key elements of fine arts, where you will learn to mix colors, draw silhouettes, the concepts of composition, such as line, shape, weight, movement, and the relationship of objects within the picture, still life, live figures, and much more.

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Yi Yan Art Academy


Yi Yan Art Academy offers introductory classes to advanced drawing, sketching, watercolor, pastel and oil painting. They also offer private team events where you can select a painting to emulate as a group.

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Jean Henry School of Art

๐Ÿ“Balboa Terrace

On the third Thursday of each month 7pm-10pm, Jean Henry School of Art hosts a drop-in, no instruction drawing group in their fully equipped studio, intended for professional artists, students, beginners and those looking for some practice in this time honored tradition. Easels, stools, taborets, and professional life models are provided. Bring your own materials and drawing board if you need one or buy them at the school store.

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