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Learn how to build more beautiful, user-friendly products, services, and sites.

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Academy X

๐Ÿ“Financial District

Responsive design is about serving one HTML document to countless browsers and devices by using flexible layouts and media queries to ensure that design is portable and accessible. This is a must for today's multi-device world.

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Susannah Hainley

๐Ÿ“ Various, On-Site

Step into the world of visual design with a custom workshop. During this introductory workshop, explore the tools and techniques you can use to bring digital layouts to life: composition, color theory, typography, and practice working in Sketch.

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Mansi Kakkar

๐Ÿ“Various, On-Site

Human-Centered Design is the focus of these hands-on workshops where you will explore how design thinking can be used to develop innovative solutions for the problems we face as businesspeople, leaders, entrepreneurs, and citizens.

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