Public Speaking

Do you or your team have a big presentation coming up? Want to be better in front of a big group?

Don't want to plan?

Let our Concierge do the heavy lifting.

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Magnetic Speaking

📍China Basin

MagneticSpeaking gives you the tools, skills, and feedback to make you stand out and shine among your peers every time you present. All trainings are hands-on, interactive, and incorporate on-the-spot individual coaching.

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Oak and Reeds


Almost every meeting involves a presentation. Whether it’s your weekly team stand-up or a massive all-hands presentation, you need to be able to confidently articulate your thoughts in an ever-changing variety of settings.

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Gold Jam Creative

📍 On-Site

In this interactive, on-your-feet training, Gold Jam's instructors will teach you how to bring dry text to life and practice intentional changes in delivery to affect how the listener receives the message.

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General Assembly: Mastering Presentations

📍Financial District

Explore and analyze how you are communicating and how that is enhancing or detracting from your message. The group will engage in fun and interactive exercises that will make you feel more aware, concise, clear and confident.

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General Assembly: Mastering Negotiations Workshop

📍Financial District

Learn how to identify negotiation opportunities, prepare, and achieve desired results. This workshop will be an overview of both theory and tactics. Participants will receive instruction, engage in mock negotiations, and receive direct feedback.

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Pitch Polish


Speaking in front of others does not need to terrify or bore you. Pitch Polish offers technique, specialized practice, industry trade secrets, and sincere and comfortable encouragement and assurance. The goal is to make you look better and feel better in the spotlight.

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