Rock Climbing.

Trying to get that boulder problem done? Want to show your colleagues the ropes?


Preferred Providers

🧗 REI: Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing Class

📍 Locations vary depending on the class date

⚡Learn the basics of rock climbing outdoors. You'll focus on building solid fundamental skills, such as belaying, crack-climbing technique and face-climbing technique. If you've only climbed inside or you're looking to explore rock climbing for the first time, this is your opportunity to practice with professional rock climbing instructors. They provide harnesses, helmets and all the necessary gear for you to try out this fun and challenging sport!

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🧗 Castle Rock Climbing

📍 HQ in San Jose, Climbs all over

⚡Whether you are a first time climber, an advanced climber or anywhere in between, when you climb with Castle Rock Climbing School and Guide Service you will experience, learn and feel the adventure that is Rock Climbing in the Bay area. From sales retreats, casual outings, reward programs or team building, Castle Rock Climbing School prides itself on building customized world class corporate rock climbing experiences!

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🧗 Fitt

📍 All over

⚡Fitt's collection of the best rock climbing spots in SF!

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📍 Anywhere

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