Good storytelling can be the difference in everything from closing your biggest deal to convincing that key engineer to join the team. Learn the craft.

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Andy Raskin

📍 On-Site

Join teams at Square, Salesforce, Uber, Yelp, and VMware who have already put this training into practice. In this 2- to 4-hour workshop tailored for your team, participants learn how to build a compelling strategic narrative for pitching products, services and ideas. They also craft personal stories that quickly establish trust with others.

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Oak and Reeds


Every powerpoint deck contains a story. It may be a boring story full of dull charts, tiny sub-bullets and confusing jargon, but it is still a story. In an Oak and Reeds “storytelling for business” workshop we’ll work on ways to add characters, twists and cliff-hangers to keep your target audience entertained, informed and ready to take action.

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Gold Jam Creative


How do we use storytelling for forging connections in business contexts? In this workshop, participants will learn how to find relatable characters that they can use across media, in both linear and nonlinear ways, in order to forge connections with their audience. They’ll also practice using descriptive imagery and how to attach existing stories with cultural relevance to maximize impact for your brand.

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