Support the Elderly

Research shows that the best way to develop empathy, a vital workplace skill, is to give back.

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Institute on Aging

๐Ÿ“Inner Richmond

The Institute on Aging's volunteer program recruits volunteers, identifies their skills and interests, and matches them with opportunities to help older and disabled adults maintain their independence, avoid isolation, and discover that someone still cares.

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Satellite Affordable Housing Associates

๐Ÿ“ Berkeley

Satellite Affordable Housing Associates offers housing to those most in need, particulary seniors and those with special needs. You can Adopt-A-Site, build Community Gardens and tackle beautification projects, plan holiday celebrations and participate in educational activities and workshops.

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Tech Allies


Little Brothers provides a bunch of great volunteer opportunities, but one really stands out: "Tech Allies"! This special program offers older adults the opportunity to learn how to use a tablet device and bridge the digital divide. For a one time program check out "Occasional Visits."

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Meals on Wheels


Meals on Wheels provides a network of services that allow seniors to live in their homes with dignity and indepdence as long as possible. There are many individual and group volunteer opportunities, like helping seniors with errands or other daily tasks, delivering groceries and meals, and other special events.

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