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A Home Away from Homelessness

๐Ÿ“Russian Hill

Poverty and homelessness are crises that affect us all, and volunteering is one way to directly contribute to a better community. They are currently looking for committed individuals who have an interest in providing ongoing support in the various ways.

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Project Homeless Connect

๐Ÿ“ Hayes Valley

Project Homeless Connect is a nonprofit organization that strengthens and utilizes collaborations with city agencies, businesses, organizations, and the community to provide comprehensive services through Community Day of Service events and in house continued care for those who are at risk of becoming homeless, are currently experiencing homelessness, or are transitioning from homelessness to housing. There are many opportunities for your team to give back, like participating in an outreach walk, or a community day of service.

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East Oakland Community Project


EOCP empowers homeless individuals and families in Alameda County to regain a life of self-reliance. You can help them offer compassionate, comprehensive support services that prepare homeless people to successfully transition to well being.

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Alameda Point Collaborative


APC offers really amazing programs ranging from community gardening to childrens reading programs. Hooky can help you plan a volunteer experience that will help you fight homelessness.

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