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Adventure Out: Surf

📍Pacifica Beach

Adventure Out offers surf lessons at Pacifica State Beach. You can expect approximately 2 hours of water time in a 3 hour lesson – the start of the class does have some “setup” time built-in to get people suited up and down on to the beach, and there's a land session, where you will learn about wave etiquette and pop up techniques.

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Open Ocean Surfing

📍 Half Moon Bay

It's Point Break, but IRL. Ok fine maybe not, but the lessons are 90 minutes to 2 hours of shredding gnar. This is the most comprehensive surf instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers of all ages.

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Bolinas Surf Lessons


Because of Bolinas' unique coastal position, it's considered to be the Bay Area's best beginner beach. Private lessons are available for 1 to 16 people and can be scheduled for all ages. Private lessons last 90 minutes, typically.

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