We all need a break from the computer to work with our hands. Plus power tools are really fun.

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Wood Thumb


Wood Thumb believes that anyone and everyone should experience the satisfaction of woodworking. Theyโ€™ve turned their focus to creating a community centered around craftsmanship and creativity. They've partnered with Recology and other sources to obtain materials such as reclaimed redwood, old bourbon barrel staves, and birdseye maple that had been hiding in a storage locker for years. Check out their public workshops or plan a private team event!

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Tharp Carving Studio

๐Ÿ“ Berkeley

Tharp Carving Studio offers beginner and intermediate courses, and open studio time. The beginners course is 4-sessions and will teach students the basics of woodcarving. Through one-on-one instruction and hands-on experience, students will learn how to choose appropriate wood, designs and finishes for future projects.

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The Crucible


Create a small wood object through carving, texturing, cutting, smoothing, gluing, drilling, and painting.

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