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Need a good grasp of a language to speak with customers or colleagues? Want to impress the team by re-learning what you were taught in college?

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Mesoamerica Institute


The Mesoamerica Institute's program is designed to build your ability to converse in Spanish. To supplement conversational skills, fundamental concepts of grammar are incorporated. The program is structured around ongoing eight-week sessions with classes conducted entirely in Spanish in our core program, and 4 weeks or 2 weeks in their intensive courses.

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Polyglottist Language Academy

📍 Berkeley

Polyglottist Language Academy offers outstanding group and individual language classes for adults at all levels of proficiency. We currently offer Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Russian language classes.Their instructors are highly qualified and hold advanced degrees in languages, linguistics, and/or literature. Classes consist of small groups of 3-7 students and cover all major aspects of a language—including pronunciation, oral comprehension, speaking as well as reading and writing—with a primary focus on achieving fluency.

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📍Financial District

IDESLI offers customized courses in Spanish and French, as well as weekly classes at their location in the Financial District. Their focus is on learning these languages for daily use and professional use, and their classes range from beginner to advanced.

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