Learn this ever-evolving visual craft. The right angles, and the best post-production techniques. The perfect Instagram filters.

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Isla Studio


Isla Studio is famous for their beginners photography class. This 2.5-hour class is a crash course in digital photography taught in small groups of 20-25 students. You'll learn what all those knobs and dials on your DSLR do, the settings to use in any lighting condition, and what kind of camera to buy if you don't already have one.

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Harvey Milk Photo Center

📍 Lower Haight

Harvey Milk Photo Center is a sophisticated venue featuring a variety of weekly classes, photography exhibitions & lecture series.

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San Francisco Art Institute

📍Russian Hill

SFAI approaches photography as a visual and conceptual tool, a way to construct narrative, and a means to document the world. SFAI is home to the first “fine art” photography program in the country, founded by Ansel Adams in 1946.

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Looking Glass Photography


Everything from Nikon Basics Bootcamp to Bird Photography in the field. Classes are available during the week, let Hooky set one up for your team!

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