Back to the Future of Work

Ahoy! And welcome to Playing Hooky, where we’re going to share our team’s thoughts about the Future of Work. We appreciate you being here. 🎉

We decided to start Hooky because we believe that when a company’s culture fosters growth and belonging, something special happens. The opportunity horizon expands. A different set of outcomes is unlocked.

But the field of play is changing, and culture is now a moving target. New demands are being placed on employers, creating new challenges for HR teams, for executives and leaders, and for individual managers.

This phenomenon is the real headline of the Future of Work. We’re not talking about the machine-dominated Future of Work that looks like Minority Report meets Office Space. But an employee-centric future, reflective the basic human and organizational needs of learning, improvement, growth, and connection.

If more of us can get this right, there’s immense human and business value to be had. We hope to share what we learn here, so more of that value can be captured.

So please sign up, stay in touch, and join us on this journey. We’re grateful for your support.

See you in the future,

Andrew, Mac, and Team Hooky

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